Editing Kafka
seminar in the Cecil Jackson Room, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, on Thursday, 15th November 2007,
4 till 7 p.m.


Including presentation of the new »Franz Kafka-Ausgabe«, panel (with open discussion) & exhibition of selected Kafka manuscripts, followed by light refreshments in the Divinity School.


Robin Kinross, Publisher, London
Andrew McNeillie, Oxford University Press
Richard Ovenden, Bodleian Library
Jim Reed, Queen’s College, Oxford
Roland Reuß, University of Heidelberg
Ritchie Robertson, St. John’s College, Oxford
Peter Staengle, University of Heidelberg
KD Wolff, Publisher, Frankfurt am Main, Basel



Welcome by Richard Ovenden (Bodleian Library)

Introduction by KD Wolff (Stroemfeld Verlag)

Presentation of Kafka facsimile edition by Roland Reuß and Peter Staengle (University of Heidelberg/Institut für Textkritik), including readings from Kafka’s works by Miranda Laurence (Merton College)

Response from Jim Reed (Queen’s College, Oxford) and Andrew McNeillie (OUP)

Panel discussion presided by Ritchie Robertson (St. John’s College, Oxford) with concluding remarks by him

Presented by
Institut für Textkritik, Heidelberg
Stroemfeld Verlag, Frankfurt am Main
in association with the
Bodleian Library, Oxford


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